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Vehicle Wraps!

Vehicle wraps are booming these days, and they are a relatively price conscious way to get a lot of exposure for your business and make people aware of your brand.

According to stats, a wrapped vehicle zooming around town receives 30-70 thousand impressions a day.

All around us, we receive thousands of marketing messages every day, and generic marketing is no longer as effective as it once was. Each business has to fight a battle to get noticed, but a great wrap is a non-pushy way to catch people’s attention while you are on the road anyway.

Recently we were approached by the local guys from Tedex Group to design, print and install graphics on their utes and vans. They wanted a look for both types of vehicle that would give cohesion to their fleet, which can be seen all over the city of Perth.

This was a job that got everyone excited, and our designer, who loves car wraps, got right into it. After a bit of back and forth everyone agreed that the below design was the way to go.

Files were set up, printed and readied before Shayne our installer went to work.

When it was finished, we were extremely happy with the result, and we wanted to share it with the world. So if you are looking to be noticed in the landscape of Perth, eye-popping graphics for your vehicle is a great way to make that happen. Turn your business into a rolling billboard and get instant targeted traffic, and here at Barrett’s we can help you every step of the way.




Bhagwan Marine AOG 2019 Stand of the year

In March 2019 Barrett Exhibition Group designed and built a new custom stand for Bhagwan Marine for the annual AOG show. It was a great team effort, from Production to design, using both our in-house designers and the designers from Bhagwan’s own marketing team.

What we ended up producing was a stunning, interactive stand which proved irresistible to the 8000 global visitors over the course of the show, making Bhagwan one of the busiest stands of the year.

One thing that drew people to the stand was the state-of-the-art 3D hologram installation we incorporated into the design. It included finely detailed graphics that summarised the company’s range of services.

Thank you to Matt Sims from Bhagwan Marine for providing a great video of the Hologram

Additionally, we installed two flat screen TV’s which showed high quality video footage of Bhagwan crews in action across a range of assignments and environments.

3 scaled ship models were presented in a custom-built display cabinet with internal lighting, and our bubbling stools really worked in bringing the whole stand together, creating a truly interactive and dynamic stand.

All of these elements came together perfectly and won Bhagwan the best stand award for AOG 2019. Given the traffic at the stand and the professionalism of the display, AOG Event Director Bill Hare said the win was well deserved. “The Bhagwan Marine team continually raise the bar with their dynamic marketing, finding unique ways to engage customers and communicate the fact that they are leaders in their field,” he said. “The Bhagwan stand was hands down the best this year. Well done.”

And here at Barrett Exhibition Group we couldn’t be prouder to help bring this exceptional stand to life.

March Carpet Specials

We are again rolling with our carpet specials.

Give us a call or send an e-mail if you are interested in hearing more.


Western Power Electrosphere Model

Barrett Exhibition Group recently produced an Interactive “Electrosphere Model” and Pod for Western Power.

The Electrosphere allows 4 users to see  the new matrix of renewable energy power options of Solar, Battery, Wave and the Power Grid are used and to try and achieve a set Power Target by spinning the dials on the model

The Pod has a looping presentation that explains how the existing Power System works, plus information on upcoming technology and potential uses & efficiencies.

The Electrosphere Model and Pod will be used at Public Locations to help educate and inform about Western Powers capabilities State-wide.


TWO FORTY St Georges Terrace Dexus

At the end of October 2017, we were tasked to finish up a sales suite at the newly vacant TWO FORTY St Georges Terrace. We were given one week to paint, Cut, Print and install 7 sets of graphics. All our staff at Barrett’s worked tirelessly to meet this very tight deadline, and when it was all installed we sighed in relief, as our happy clients congratulated us on a job well done.

We are proud to show off the result of our hard labour in the images below.


Custom Tape Measure Display

Custom Tape Measure Display Created for Safety Advertising Campaign

Barrett Exhibition Group were asked by The Brand Agency to create a replica Tape Measure out of foam, measuring 1400mm high x 600mm wide x 1100mm long with an 8 metre long tape with a weighted base for support.

There was custom circular branding on either side measuring 900mm and an 8m floor tape graphic as part of the ‘Make the Safe Call’, a campaign created for electricity utility, Western Power, by The Brand Agency.

This campaign furthers the narrative on safety around the electrical network by seeking to educate West Australians on the safe distance at which to remain in an electrical emergency which used the Tape Measure to emphasise the safe distance to stay back was 8 metres.

The display will be used for TV Commercials as well as being on show at Shopping Centres and other Public Venues.