Static Displays

Barrett Exhibition Group has been designing & manufacturing Interactive Static displays for over 50 years.

Some of our displays can be seen at the Maritime Museum and at many exhibitions that we produce for our Clients.

Interactive displays are constantly evolving and have an enormous impact on customer engagement.

Engaging your customers creates more confidence and loyalty towards the brand. Interacting with a display promoting a product or service creates an interaction with the brand or Product, this interaction between customer and brand builds Customer loyalty

The specific experience the customer gets through interactive displays helps companies build the relationship while increasing sales at the same time; Interactive displays are used as an educational tool, to promote a service or company’s growth or new product line.

An example of this would be the Static “portable” display that we designed and manufactured for Rio Tinto at the Royal Show 2016, which promoted their “driverless trucks” in the Pilbara through Augmented Virtual Reality and educational lightboxes and 3D Displays