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Gastech ConocoPhillips Chiba, Tokyo April 2017

Barrett Exhibition Group and ConocoPhillips at Gastech, Chiba, Tokyo 04-07 april 2017

Situated across eight event halls, the Gastech Exhibition totalled 54,000sqm, showcasing over 600 exhibitors to over 25,000 international attendees.

ConocoPhillips showcased their cutting edge Circular Motif Stand which featured inlaid TV’s within & outside the  archway, showing corporate videos and backlit images on the “Ceiling”

The Footprint of the stand was 19.5m x 10.5m = 204.75m which also had 3 large overhead banners with spotlights that highlighted the Branding & Location of the stand at the Exhibition.

The stand also had its own Barista and Professional Coffee Machine which served freshly ground Coffee & Soft drinks as well as catered teas & lunches, which proved extremely popular with the clientele at the show who enjoyed their visit at some of the raised bar tables dotted around the stand.

Also being showcased were a triangular TV Display Unit in which 3×65′ high definition TV’s played updated “Cascade Technology” Presentations and 2x2m high branded “Pods” which were placed at the ends of the stand and showed presentations to anyone passing by the stand.

The 3 curved meeting areas allowed ConocoPhillips to engage with their Clients in a comfortable & private manner, featuring comfy tub chairs, Wi-Fi, Circular tables and curved wall that displayed some of the Global LNG projects that currently use Cascade Technology.

The floor was a melamine base with a plush Carpet that reflected the latest branding from ConocoPhillips, storage was not an issue for give-aways or back packs, brochures etc. As there were 2 large lockable cabinets the held everything securely.