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Portable display equipment

Printed, portable backdrops | Trade shows, conferences, exhibitions and pop-up displays | Lightweight and easy to assemble

Business people looking for portable displays generally want something lightweight, easy and quick to assemble that has killer graphics. They want it to last longer than one conference or one trade show, though pop-up displays may not need that permanence.

Barrett’s strong point here is developing a bespoke solution. Two things. First, we’ll take the time to work out what elements you’ll need, given your sales or presentation environment. Shopping Centres? Convention? Outdoors? These may need different display elements. Looking at your average conference display you’d think the only configuration available is two identical roll-up banners. But should you have a branded podium instead? Should you use a curved fabric wall as your backdrop? And a frequently overlooked issue: what lighting does your portable gear need?

Second thing: the difference between a display that hits you between the eyes and one that you walk straight past is the quality of the designer. It’s the difference between someone who’s done a graphic design course and someone who can assess the quality of your graphics, add what is missing, give you options you hadn’t thought about, collaborate, and project manage a job through to printed completion and an explanation of how to set-up the equipment.

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More Questions

If you don’t want to risk getting back something average, seek out quality, experienced signage designers. Often the first step is letting one of those people ask you a couple of questions about the context of your portable displays so there is a shared understanding of what’s required. (Have you ever been asked that question in a franchised signage operation?) Before we take your order, we’ll work with you to develop a clear brief.

One of our display options is the Waveline Portable Display System. It comprises a  lightweight tubular framing system and tensioned fabric graphics. The result is a sleek backdrop replaces a distracting background with a branded statement. Available in a curved or straight framework and a great alternative to two pull-up banners.