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Architectural & Building Signage

Signage to cover any purpose, from interior company logos to exterior information signs.

We design and manufacture building and architectural signage in Osborne Park, Perth and install it all over Western Australia and interstate. Here are our top tips to get you started.

If you’re already clear on what you want – pylon sign – mounted – illuminated – you might just need a quote but a proper brief will lead to expert advice that may change your thinking. If you’re an architect, you can deliver us a finished concept or work with our designers on an idea.

Where we can usually add value is in choice of materials, choice of fabrication method and of course the fabrication itself. Glass or steel, or both. Metal, acrylic or wood. How should an acrylic panel on a lighted sign be mounted so that there is no separation between the materials as years pass? This is the difference between lasting a couple of years and outlasting the decade.

Is the signage just the name of your business or is it advertising what you do? If it’s advertising, that’s often a different kind of signage. If it’s an entrance sign, what are the key directional objectives? If it’s to project confidence and image that’s a scale and materials conversation.

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Understanding Signage

Corporates will generally get the most impact by limiting wording to the business name only. There are important branding questions here and they need to be balanced against visibility – you might want your advertising slogan in your signage but if it’s 12 words long, nobody in a car is going to be able to read it and you might detract from the business name. In almost all cases, legibility wins over flourishes.

Do you require concept designs and graphic design layout for council approval? We give free advice based on experience and even project manage and liaise with local government.

Are you presenting a proposal to other managers? 3D animation and fly-through presentations can help you model what the finished result will look like.

Unlike specialised franchises and smaller companies we’re not locked in to specific types of signs. We’ll look at your needs and budget and recommend what’s appropriate – painted graphics, 3D acrylic lettering, aluminium cut or digitally printed.

It’s important we understand the context of the sign, e.g. your orientation to the street, lines of site and traffic flow. Sometimes a double-sided pylon sign is a good idea; other times it gives you a sign that doesn’t work in either direction. Visibility at night is also worth discussing. See our page on LED, digital and backlit signs.

Quality building signage is important in establishing trust in your brand. Answering our questions will help you work out what to budget.

A word on the advantages of dealing with a company who does all their manufacturing and fabrication in-house. Yes it delivers cost savings, but designers and craftsmen who work regularly together have far fewer communication issues. At Barretts, everyone knows what everyone else is doing. There is just less room for error.

We’ve provided a turnkey service for a number of Perth’s iconic buildings and look forward to being of service.

Head to our page on internal signs for advice on reception areas, wayfinding, donor recognition and monument signage.