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Mobile Advertising & Promotion

Custom designed mobile displays and trailers | Community information and public health campaigns | Experiential, advertising and promotional events | Signwriting for branded cars, utes and trucks

Mobile information booths and displays bring experiential advertising and educational campaigns to outdoor events in a powerful way. We manufacture custom-designed trailers, trucks, cars and caravans that advertise/educate on behalf of a business, government and Not for Profit sectors. You’ll see our promotional work on the road, at sports grounds, exhibitions, agricultural shows, trade shows, conventions, school fairs, and themed festivals. Everything from coffee vans and tradies’ utes to giant walk-in vehicles with interactive displays.

  • It’s a turnkey solution; we handle everything in-house from design to manufacture and signwriting. Not only is this cost-effective it saves a huge amount of time. We have turned around urgent jobs in as little as three weeks. 
  • We can do this work directly (in which case we often do the design work) or through advertising agencies, in which case we’ll pick up the design and build to agency specifications.
  • Let your creative department go wild and we’ll deliver the finished product or better still, involve us early. Because we understand fabrication and materials we can help your designers cut costs. We love this kind of work because every job is bespoke and we get the satisfaction of working all the way through from concept to a brand, spanking, new finished product. No-one in Western Australia can match us on this.