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Internal and external signage | Customised, off-the-shelf and bespoke | Design and manufacturing | Signage and communications consultancy

There’s a difference between ‘we need a sign’ and ‘we need to communicate something powerfully’. Anyone can sell you a sign. Where you might use a company like Barrett Exhibition Group is where you have a communications strategy and you want help executing it well.

If you need a comprehensive signage solution, you’ll want someone who understands the environment you’re working in, the materials that can be signed, and the cost/effectiveness trade-offs of the hundreds of different signage options that exist. This is our work.

You think you need a few banners and flags but you might discover that a printed vinyl floor is a better solution. You think you need a sign on a pole but painting the wall behind it might give you ten times the impact at the same cost.

Anywhere you have a complex requirement across multiple media, you will get value from consulting with us rather than just a Request for Quote.

One other point – about talking to Barrett Exhibition Group rather than a signage franchise. We’re a manufacturer. You will not get a customised result from a franchise: they are selling a fixed product range. But the big jobs, the ones that you need to look GREAT instead of acceptable, invariably require customised elements. And for those jobs, you should be working with experts.