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Vehicle wraps

Car, truck, ute and van signage | Vehicle vinyl wraps | Mobile advertising | Design and application

Your vehicle or fleet is potentially a mobile advertising medium. A great design on high-quality vinyl will set your business apart. Many graphic designers and advertising agencies will do the design work for your car, van, commercial truck or ute, then ask Barretts to do the production and application. But if you wish, you can deal with us direct.

Here are some tips and questions, and the logic for getting auto wrap direct from a signage expert.

Many graphics people don’t know what material options exist so they won’t ask the right questions. Ask to see finished work and check it for visual impact, graphics alignment and detail of finish.

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Questions to Ask Yourself

Do you want a high gloss finish or is a matte going to work better? Gloss is more susceptible to scratches though more expensive gloss vinyls are scratch-resistant. Or do you want a textured look – you might be better off with a 3D twill weave carbon fibre finish… Is it important that it’s easy to clean? (Some vinyls clean easier than others).

3M materials have a great name but they are not right for all jobs. Our range includes Avery and Arlon.

How long do you want it to last? Two colour layers give increased stability and durability. Some vinyl adhesives are designed for easy removal – is that important for you?

Is it a racing car? There are performance vinyls… And so on.

Does the designer have the correct vehicle template? The right template but the wrong year can lead to problems.

As you can see, not as simple as printing a decal and sticking it on.

The design is key, and you really need a graphics person who understands branding as well as the limitations imposed by a vehicle. It might look great on a screen and not on your particular model car. Obviously you want to deal with people who understand how to apply the various vinyls correctly. Air bubbles suck, and some vinyls have air release channels for a bubble-free application.

You’re welcome to call us and chat about the job before you commit. And in case it’s relevant to you, we also design and apply vinyl wraps to boats and small planes.