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Exhibition Booths

Design and manufacture of exhibition booths | Shell schemes for events and shows

A shell scheme is a basic modular system for exhibition booths in a convention, exhibition, event or trade show. It establishes a visual theme for the exhibition, provides basic infrastructure for exhibitors and gives you a range of configurations that accommodate exhibitors of all sizes.

Your options here are (1) purchasing just the shell and dealing with exhibitors yourself or (2) engaging us to manage communications and logistics with all your exhibitors – a good idea if you’re not a full-time exhibition company.

Of course, you want it to look sharp. Because we fabricate in-house we can also add features that establish your theme and set up the user experience. In-house drafting and engineering expertise means we’ll take maximum advantage of your floor plan. We’ll balance the need for a comfortable flow of visitors with maximum usable/saleable floor space.

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Initial Brief

We’ll need a good understanding of what the event is all about and what atmosphere you want to create for the exhibitors and attendees. We’ll need to know what kind of entertainment is planned, what kind of acts or presentations are likely, as much as you can tell us about the planned content and what consultants you’ve engaged. Detailed venue information is critical. If you’ve committed to a venue we’ll need to know any details you’ve negotiated outside their normal contracts.

Please also advise your budget so we can fit in with your expectations and confirm that it’s a realistic amount.

Installation and Site Management

We’ll build the show infrastructure on an agreed timetable, provide advice as to communication with exhibitors, attend to any maintenance emergencies during the event and break down the structures after the show to the specifications of the venue.

Dealing with Exhibitors

If you wish, we can handle all conversations and logistics with exhibitors, freeing you up to concentrate on marketing the event or developing content.

When you deal with us on exhibition booths, you’re buying experience and partnership as well. We look forward to a kick-off discussion.