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Flooring and carpets

Here are some ideas about exhibition flooring. If you’ve worked on an exhibition stand for a day or more you’ll know that some styles of flooring can be hard on the feet. Not a problem if you’re all doing 90 minute shifts. But you’re not, right?

Do you want your floor to reduce light reflections and reduce noise from the rest of the expo? Or do you just want to give your trade show booth a visual lift?

We offer a range of surfaces: carpet tiles, rubber and hard-floors in colours and textures to suit your convention needs.

Regulation conference hall flooring is usually grey and nondescript. You can cover it with textured or attention-seeking flooring at low cost, even as a branding tool. You might have two or three decorated walls in your stand – but your floor is an extra presentation surface.

We print vinyl floor coverings in your corporate colours or with full imagery. Don’t underestimate the impact of vinyl carpet graphics. They signal a premium stand.

Vinyl mats can cover any area, roll up easily, are washable and re-usable. Also useful in showrooms and other retail locations.