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Custom Stands

Custom Stands Custom designed and built stands for exhibitions, conferences and conventions.

The biggest impact you can have in a trade show or exhibition is a custom-designed stand. Instead of participating in the Shell Scheme you take a ‘space-only’ exhibition package. This gives you the flexibility to vary the walls, layout, add a second level, and generally construct something eye-catching and magnetic.

We’re not kidding about customisation. You can have interactive walls, banner backdrops, draped fabrics, free-standing attention-getters like carts and dioramas, floor lighting, windows that let customers peek inside, straw bales, inflatables, spotlights or moody LED illumination, fluorescent frosted acrylic, sci-fi walkways, and tunnels.

We manufacture entirely in-house, our designers are steeped in the practicalities of construction and we are super-experienced in professionally project managing the build.

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To help us with the build, we’ll ask you for a good brief and take you through our checklist. Here’s a guide to the process.


Let us know what industry you’re in, what the expo is, and where it’s being held. Be as specific as you can: Future Of Mining Expo, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, corner position open on both sides, 6 x 3 sized stand.

What are your goals and metrics? Awareness? Branding? Sales? If it’s sales, how will you attract attention; what kind of information will attendees need to see and where will the conversations happen? How will you capture their details for follow-up? All of these have implications for the design of your shell scheme.

And of course, what’s your budget? People are coy about revealing that because they worry that we’ll aim to spend 100% of your budget. That’s not how we work. Give us a range and if we can construct it at the lower end, we will. If the range is unrealistic we’ll let you know, and you can trust us to be straight with you.


We’ll come back to you with a winning design. After some discussion we’ll arrive at an agreed design concept.


Based on your artwork and instructions we’ll plan and build the shell. Because we project manage the job, you’ll be kept informed of progress and involved in any decisions required during the process.

Bump in

We’ll handle all logistics and you’ll know the timeline well in advance.

Event and bump out

During the show we’ll be on call for any urgent maintenance. At the end of the show we’ll remove the stand and store it if required.


We’ll want to know how well we performed against your expectations.

Our experience is broad. From the energy industry to education, agricultural shows like the Wagin Woolorama and Dowerin Field Day, medical conferences, food festivals, tourism expos and bridal shows.

Our design work and build quality are high, and we’re reasonable people who pride ourselves on delivering value for money.