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Floortek Printable Vinyl

This is probably the most under-rated signage solution around. We’ve used this medium to gamify displays, advertise and simulate natural environments. 

In an open space, flooring is a massive signage opportunity. Vinyl is a durable, printable and reusable material. Non-slip mats can be printed to look like floorboards, stone, brick, sand, grass, marble, water or forest floor. They can also deliver educational, instructional or directional information. Printing technology in this area is fantastic. 

In a show room you can print large advertising messages and logos on the floor or walls. Retail and business applications are numerous. When people are walking their attention is as much on the ground in front of them as it is on the horizon. If we’re doing a retail fit out or creating a commercial ambience, we consider this option. Matting is easy to replace so a new product launch or branding update can enliven your commercial premises overnight and of course, it rolls up, so is suitable for portable displays and exhibitions.

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