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Furniture & Accessory Hire

Furniture and shelving hire for Expos, conferences and events | Chairs, tables, plinths, fans, ropes etc

Okay, you’ve arrived at the convention or exhibition stand on the morning of the show and there’s the monitor sitting on the counter. ‘Hey John, did anyone think to order a stand for the TV? Otherwise it’s going to use up all our counter space’.

‘Lynne, these competition leaflets look great; do the furniture hire people have ballot boxes? We’ve got nothing for people to put the entries in.’

Since you’re dealing with one of Perth’s most experienced exhibition groups, you may as well take advantage of our experience. We’ll ask you questions not just about how you want your stand to look but how it’s going to work, and that includes shelving and what extra bits and pieces you need. You can hire these from us and ensure they’re in keeping with the theme. Also saves you time.

Here are some of the things you may need: counters, shelving, benches, plinths or easels to put your product samples and brochures on; tables that are the appropriate size and height for your space; chairs that fit the decor; or should they be stools? Food and drink facilities – a bar fridge or water cooler; a stylish post and rope system or curtains to section off an area… And you’ll be needing a bin.

Another reminder – floor space is an under-used advertising medium. Check out our flooring and carpet section and consider printing a vinyl floor covering. 





Octonorm Showcase and Plinths