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LED and digital signage

Backlit, LED, neon and hi-tech illumination | Internal and external signage | Light boxes

LED (light-emitting diode) signs are bright, energy-efficient, cheap to run, and suit indoor and outdoor use. Some last tens of thousands of hours before they need replacing. We use strip and bulb LEDs; we’ll recommend what’s best for your particular sign. Let’s discuss three different types; backlit illuminated signs, eye-catching neon style signs and programmable information signs.

Backlit illuminated LED signs

We use laser etching technology for high precision cutting of acrylics or other materials. That’s the quality difference. Couple this with good design advice (did you know you can use a fascia panel to concentrate the visible light?) to get striking results in reception areas, retail shops and wherever the general public seeks information from business or government. We can also help with light boxes that show off your photography to maximum effect in a retail environment. This form of presentation raises the tone and lends a premium glow. If you’re a shopping centre and you want your light box cut to a custom shape so it fits on the wall up against the escalator; we can do that.

We manufacture in-house so we can give you precisely what you want.

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Attention-getting Neon and LED

Neon is durable and luminous; it instantly signals excitement and nightlife: strong associations with nightclubs, bars, festivals, cocktails, restaurants and adult entertainment. It’s a warmer light with more aesthetic appeal.

LEDs on the other hand, are brighter and work better at a distance. They can be controlled by a wireless modem so you can vary your messaging or colours programmatically or remotely. With RGB LEDs you have almost unlimited options for illuminated colour signage. LEDs are somewhat safer to work with.

We can help you decide which lighting technology is right for your sign.

Programmable information signs

LED signboards can be stand-alone or integrated into your outdoor sign. Your options range from single-line scrolling messages to full matrix electronic boards and colour LED video walls.