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Bhagwan Marine AOG 2019 Stand of the year

In March 2019 Barrett Exhibition Group designed and built a new custom stand for Bhagwan Marine for the annual AOG show. It was a great team effort, from Production to design, using both our in-house designers and the designers from Bhagwan’s own marketing team.

What we ended up producing was a stunning, interactive stand which proved irresistible to the 8000 global visitors over the course of the show, making Bhagwan one of the busiest stands of the year.

Additionally, we installed two flat screen TV’s which showed high quality video footage of Bhagwan crews in action across a range of assignments and environments.

Thank you to Matt Sims from Bhagwan Marine for providing a great video of the Hologram

One thing that drew people to the stand was the state-of-the-art 3D hologram installation we incorporated into the design. It included finely detailed graphics that summarised the company’s range of services.

3 scaled ship models were presented in a custom-built display cabinet with internal lighting, and our bubbling stools really worked in bringing the whole stand together, creating a truly interactive and dynamic stand.

All of these elements came together perfectly and won Bhagwan the best stand award for AOG 2019. Given the traffic at the stand and the professionalism of the display, AOG Event Director Bill Hare said the win was well deserved. “The Bhagwan Marine team continually raise the bar with their dynamic marketing, finding unique ways to engage customers and communicate the fact that they are leaders in their field,” he said. “The Bhagwan stand was hands down the best this year. Well done.”

And here at Barrett Exhibition Group we couldn’t be prouder to help bring this exceptional stand to life.