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CTF Bridges & Roads display

How Bridges & Roads Are Built

The Construction Futures Centre (CTF), is an education centre, promoting construction. CTF commissioned the Barrett Exhibition Group team to design and build two new interactive learning displays.

The “bridges & roads” features a full size pylon with models below. A full size pylon has a cut out showing reinforcing rods. A road above has cut out layers with numbers that illuminate when the correlating screen is operated.

The detailed models display the 3 stages of Reid/Tonkin Highway bridge overpass in Perth. Miniature graphic prints replicate the bridge patterns and road signs. Whilst models were hand constructed, elements such as cars were 3D printed. Lampposts and the yellow light sculptures were drawn and cut out of acrylic. Additionally, the different road surface layers, were printed. Informative control panel below the models, highlight signs in the models, when buttons are pressed. Behind the models, an illuminating graphic print features the Perth freeway at dusk, brings the entire display together.

View Video of the project here: How Bridges & Roads are Built display & model

At the same time as this project, we also completed a display on how a house is built.
View the project at this link: “How a House is Built”